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Occupational Medicine Overview and Locations

Locations include:  Aurora,  Boulder, Centennial, Englewood, Lakewood, Reunion, and Westminster.  Our partner with Rocky Mountain Medical Group and Rocky Mountain Drug Testing.  Visit their website at

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Dedicated to keeping employees healthy and productive

The Occupational Health Specialists Group at Rocky Mountain Urgent Care provides comprehensive occupational medical services to employers, from small businesses to large corporations, throughout the Denver metro area. With our flexible hours and skilled medical providers, we are available to see your employees for a wide range of services every day, including weekends, at one of our eight convenient locations. We realize the importance of your employees’ good health, as well as the need for your employees to timely return back to work following treatment.  It is our goal to return each employee to work as soon as possible, and we are committed to keeping our employers informed regarding the employees' medical condition and work status. We have  Colorado Level II certified occupational medicine-trained physicians who have the experience employers require, and who understand the importance of accurate management of the injured worker.

Prompt treatment by our urgent care and occupational medicine specialists saves our employers time and money by reducing expensive emergency department visits and by getting your employees back to work safely and quickly.

Benefits of Rocky Mountain Occupational Medicine


Occupational Specialists locations

Urgent Care Clinic and Family Medicine in Aurora, CO

13650 E Mississippi Avenue
Aurora, CO 80012

Phone: 303-695-8684 (Family Practice)
303-695-1338 (Urgent Care)
303-872-1980 (Specialty Services)
Fax: 303-597-0191 (Family Practice)
303-695-8814 (Urgent Care)
303-695-5013 (Specialty Services)

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Urgent Care Clinic and Family Medicine in Centennial-Smoky Hill, CO

20270 E Smoky Hill Rd
Centennial, CO 80015

Phone: 303-693-2000 (Family Practice & Urgent Care)
303-872-1980 (Psychology)
Fax: 303-693-2043

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Urgent Care Clinic and Family Medicine in Westminster, CO

6080 W. 92nd Avenue
Westminster, CO 80031

Phone: 303-427-0796 (Family Practice)
303-429-9311 (Urgent Care)
303-872-1980 (Specialty Services)
Fax: 303-429-9399

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