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Occupational Medicine Services

Employers throughout the Denver area turn to Rocky Mountain Occupational Specialists for affordable and timely management of workers’ compensation injuries and as well as general occupational medical care. Our physicians and healthcare staff are available 7 days a week, with extended evening and weekend hours. A Client Service Management Team will adhere to your company’s individualized workers’ compensation procedures and effectively communicate with your company's human resources department, case manager, or adjuster.

If you are an Employer interested in utilizing Rocky Mountain Occupational Specialists as your company's occupational medicine team, please complete the following information:

Workers' Compensation Inquiry

Our Occupational Medicine Team at Rocky Mountain Urgent Care provides same day service, does not require an appointment and is a perfect alternative to a hospital emergency room when an employee experiences a non-life threatening injury or illness.

We believe timely communication is key to injury management. Our work comp coordinator serves as a liaison between patients, referral sources and employers and keeps all parties up-to-date on the employee’s return-to-work-process. Physicians and medical staff quickly assess the injury and plan a strong return-to-work program for the employee. Claims and injury reports are processed quickly and accurately.

A list of our pricing can be found here:

Occupational Medicine Explanation of Prices

Our Occupational Specialist Services Include:

  • Department of Transportation Certification Exams 
  • Pre-placement Examinations 
  • Executive Physical Evaluations 
  • Periodic / Annual Examinations 
  • Respiratory Fitness Medical Evaluations  
  • Travel Evaluations and Travel Vaccines 
  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations
  • Back Flexibility, Strength and Endurance Testing
  • Functional Assessments 
  • Return to Work Examinations 
  • Audiologic Evaluations (Baseline and Interval Exams) (Available at Aurora, Reunion and Westminster)
  • Prescription Drugs 
  • Specialty Surveillance Examinations (Lead, Cadmium, Beryllium, Asbestos, Silica, and others) 
  • Human Performance Evaluations 
  • Mobile Physical Examinations (Conducted at a site that is convenient for you and your workers) 
  • Customized Examinations tailored to your specific requirements 
  • Drug Screens / E-Screens 
  • Immunizations (TDaP, Hepatitis, Influenza, etc.) 
  • Blood Alcohol Testing 
  • Prescription Drug Monitoring 
  • Physical Therapy Services (with focus on Home Exercise Programs) 
  • Psychological Services 
  • X-Ray Services (all locations) 
  • Laboratory Testing (on-site and send-out) 
  • Access to Specialty Network